Subirós Design is an independent design studio. We develop projects such as graphic identities, exhibition design, editorial design, web design and signage.
It is our strength to be a small studio. We work hand in hand with our clients in order to deliver the best and most creative solutions. We thoroughly analise the necessities of our clients to design identities that will be long-lasting. We have a team of creative people with whom we work on a regular basis: illustrators, photographers, programmers, architects.

Clients we work for:

Institut Ramon Llull
Centre d’Arts Santa Mònica
Centre d’Art Tecla Sala
Palau Robert
Ca L’Antiga. Art Gallery
CCCB. Centre de Cultura Contemporànea
Círculo de Lectores
Museu de Ceràmica
Universitat de Barcelona
Trama Creative Agency
A+V Agencia de Creadores Visuales
Gunnar Knechtel. Fotògraf
Universitat de Barcelona


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